How The Data Is Stolen


According to the Better Business Bureau, most identity thieves still obtain personal information through traditional means, rather than electronic means. Securing the services of a shredding company would go a great distance to stop this aspect of the  problem. Where the method of theft is known, almost 70% of information was obtained by dumpster diving and physically stealing the data, versus 12% obtained online. Virtually none of that data had been shredded by a shredding company.

One of the best self-defense measures consumers and small businesses can implement is to shred information before discarding it. Everyone can afford to take the information to a shred drop off location.

Securing the services of a professional document shredding company can be very inexpensive. ShredDropOff Location prices vary but the minimum charges are small compared to the cost of fixing the problems after the fact.

Find the ShredDropOff location in your area and make a habit of getting all your confidential information shredded by a professional shredding company.